Member Spotlight: Tracy Komlos, Founder, Pangea Dreams (and nature photographer!)

Hello all!

As an entrepreneur, finding the time to travel can be next to impossible. And yet, research suggests that taking the time to get away can actually enhance your levels of creativity, boost positive thinking and ultimately foster a happier, sharper version of yourself.

What if – in some magical world – entrepreneurs and like-minded creatives could travel to beautiful destinations without sacrificing focus on their work? How refreshed and happy would they be? Welcome, Pangea Dreams – a company that combines stunning retreats with educational workshops for women (sorry, boys) – and inspiring Founder Tracy Komlos.


  • Current Gig: Founder & CEO, Pangea Dreams
  • Current Digs: New York
  • Hometown: Montreal, Canada
Tracy Komlos


Tell us a little about Pangea Dreams – what do you do?

Pangea Dreams is a global community that empowers, educates, and inspires female creatives and entrepreneurs from around the world. We bring women together through our curated retreats to explore bucket-list destinations while learning the skills needed to succeed  in digital entrepreneurship and marketing.

We also work with leading brands to create unique activations/ sponsorship opportunities on our retreats through seeding their products to their target audience in an organic and interactive setting.

What inspired you to take the jump into startup-land?

At 19, I worked my first corporate 9-5 style job over a summer. I was totally miserable and promised myself that I would never allow myself to feel this way again. In that moment I knew I would never work for anyone but myself. There was no other option. That is when my entrepreneur journey began. 

How has Pangea Dreams evolved since you first started?

Pangea Dreams launched originally as a production company 4 years ago. The business model during our first year was creating affordable, on-location production/content creation services for small to midsize brands. We would travel to an exotic location and work with 5-10 brands to create their digital assets for social media and marketing materials showcasing their products and/ or services in an authentic and relatable way. 

In year two, we pivoted and launched our first-to-market concept, the “Blogger Retreat”. Two weeks after launching we sold out of 3 retreats in Bali, solidifying retreats as our core service offering. To date, I’m so excited to say that we’ve hosted over 30 retreats in 10 countries and partnered with countless brands through sponsorship opportunities.

What has your experience with Pangea Dreams taught you about the entrepreneurial lifestyle?

The entrepreneurial lifestyle has taught me that anything and everything is possible, especially at this time in history. The abundant information and resources we have at our disposal is truly inspiring, and has fueled my passion for seizing opportunity. To me, entrepreneurship is about hard work, long hours, perseverance, and determination. The ability to be flexible in an ever-changing environment has been crucial learning for my team and I throughout this journey.

  • It is beyond rewarding when ideas become reality;
  • It is about collaboration with diverse points of views, staying grounded in your vision while at the same time keeping an open mind;
  • It is about surrounding yourself with people who inspire you that are as excited and passionate about life and creating their reality as you are.  
  • It is about being proactive and executing on your plan of action. Not waiting for opportunities to come to you, go out there and make them happen! 

And lastly, a key takeaway that has been vital for me with Pangea is to never waste time with comparison, rather to “stay in your lane” and expend your energies on bringing your unique vision to life.

What’s the easiest part of your day?

Strategizing next steps, brainstorming creative ideas to innovate and networking/ taking lots of fun coffee dates with people who inspire me! 

The hardest?

Emails!! I love being active and interacting with others. So sitting for hours responding to emails is by far my least favorite aspect of the job.

What’s something weird or interesting about you?

I love shooting nature, landscapes and street photography. Over the last 6 years I have compiled thousands of photos from all my travels. One day, when I have the time, I would love to get my favorite shots printed and showcase them at a gallery here in New York! 

2019 goal?

Up until this past September, I had attended every single one of our retreats over the last 2.5 years. So a big goal for us was building and training our team to prove that we can scale the business and successfully host our global retreats without my presence on location.

I’m so proud to say that the last 4 retreats of this year which took place in Bali and Mexico, were seamlessly hosted by our incredible team while I was overseeing remotely!

Goal accomplished!

How could fellow Entrepreneurship Club members help you out?

For me the most important thing about connecting with fellow entrepreneurs is learning from each other’s experiences, sharing resources and exploring ways in which we can support each other’s endeavors. 

Also, if anyone has a B2C product that they would like to showcase on our retreats through sponsorship opportunities, we are always looking to partner with great brands.

Is there a skill, service or area of expertise Club members could reach out to you for?

I offer consulting for brands/ startups and would love to connect with anyone who is looking for strategy on branding,  social media, event management and content creation. 

How can someone get in touch with you?
@tracykomlos – instagram
@pangeadreams – instagram


Thank you, Tracy!

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